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My name is Markus Andersson. I'm a 34 year old dreamer that have realized that life is too short for not fulfilling these dreams. One of my dreams is to learn to maneauver a helicopter so that I can fly whenever and wherever I want. I will here share my thoughts and reflections and hopefully I can inspire you to fulfill your dreams.

Posted by admin on May 22, 2009

14 000 JAA ATPL Questions FOR FREE!

After gone through two weeks of hard study, covering Air Law, Operational Procedures, Human Performance and Radio Navigation, I now need to study even more to pass first the Qualifying Tests at school and then the exams for the Swedish Aviation Authorities (Luftfartsstyrelsen). A couple of days ago I decided to check on internet for good resources in Radio Navigation and then I found this database with 14 000 JAA ATPL questions that you can use for free! A perfect resource preparing for the exams. The alternative would be to subscribe to the Oxford Aviation database, now that’s just waist of money, I’ll stick to this site instead.

So, maybe you’re interested to check it out, here you are: http://www.aviationtire.com/atpl.cfm

Now it’s time for a glass of wine, it’s Friday night for gods sake, no study tonight!

2 Responses to “14 000 JAA ATPL Questions FOR FREE!”

  1. Hi there!

    How did you get on with the exams in the end?¿? Did you find aviationtire good??? I am studying for my ATPLs at present, looking for some feedback about aviationtire…

    I hope all is going well and you are enjoying being in the skies ;))


    Mike ;o)

  2. Hello Mike,
    Long time since I wrote on the blog. The aviationtire material is a good complement to the books and study guidelines. It gives you a good picture of what questions that will come up during the exams, meaning a good picture of what to study. Unfortunately I had to quit my CPL theory course because of lack of time. I didn’t make both doing the CPL theory and work full time so I have to catch up later on, maybe this or next year. I still fly though!

    Goog luck with the exams!

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